Friday, February 22, 2013


Harlem Shake

It was earth shattering
To see you straight battering
A culturally established dance

Originated in the eighties
Mastered by the babies
Obliterated in a convulsive glance

Although I didn't do it
I was hip to it
And loved to see it every chance

Each movement told a story
Of life and its glory
To do it isn't happenstance

Thanks to the Internet
Because of it, you can bet
Truth is revealed, not unfounded rants

As you can see from this deduction
Harlem is proud of its production
Please keep your ignorance in its pants

You made Harlem Shake
When we saw you as a fake
On this point Harlem takes its stance

If you think that you can do it
I challenge you to it
But, from what I've seen, you just can'ts.

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