Thursday, May 15, 2008

By my thoughts, actions and deeds
May the Lord, my ancestors & all humanity be pleased


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Me Me Me

Don't want your help with my songs, you see
Because you say that, ''s all about me...'
Friday you thought that I was fast asleep
Into your psyche my intellect seeped

Since you say it’s all about me
Your words shall be your destiny
Shocked into knowing that I’ve neglected
The person whom I've resurrected

Spit-in-face, fire haired bona fide fright
Surprised and puzzled by the sight
Just think, I thought that it was all about thee
The Lord thanks you for your honesty

Thought it was about thine, those and thus
I pray not, in the fabulous, I trust
After all the trials that I’ve been through
Did you think that it was all about you'?


Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Tears & Tears

The difference we’ve reached
Is the difference they teach
As a part of speech
There is no difference, I beseech

My motivation
Is its pronunciation
What is the difference between a tear and a tear
When tears fall from your eyes
Someone tears your heart apart
Physically a tear in your heart
Is a tear in your heart
Noun or verb all dynamic art



Poetry vs. Rhyme

Poetry and Rhyme
Are not one in the same
Poetry is fluid
Rhyme is like game
The first course of action
Is to rhyme about my dissatisfaction
It is a conundrum to me
Why no solace, just intranquility
I plan to let the worries go
To make my poetry ebb and flow


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