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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Legend of the Lagoon

(Prequel to Creature from the Black...)

When the United States decided in the 1940's that all eligible males should join the Armed Forces, a small group consisting of conscientious objectors, pacifists and the like decided to move to Central America. Many of their parents had moved to the US from various parts of Europe.

A young scientist by the name of Carl Henry Davis heard about the exodus and joined them. The verdant countryside of Central America was more beautiful than any place he could have imagined. It looked like something from a dream with misty waterfalls cascading over majestic cliffs in the heart of the rainforest. Lush were the leaves; larger than the average person. Carl felt that this could be the place to make his mark in the scientific community with new observations and documentation. Because of the nature of his work, Carl did not associate with the other new comers, nor with the natives. He wanted to stay focused and one with nature. Just he and the elements.

His beard began to grow and over time he wore less and less clothing. The three-sided lean to that he called home, held every documented experiment he'd performed while there. Surely after the war, he would return to the United States' scientific community with his botanical and marine life findings.

About five years after the end of WWII, a new war ensued, the Korean War. Carl had no intentions of returning to the states as long as the government was sending men to war. Although he felt that he was in heavenly surroundings, it did get lonely. Never venturing away from his self-imposed exile, plants and animals became Carl's best friends. The rule that he lived by is never kill anything for food that is neither too small nor too large.

While exploring the lagoon, there was one fish that would leave its school and playfully acknowledge him, daily. He watched that fish grow. Their soulful telepathy had grown ever stronger. One day in June, he noticed that the fish had grown to over four feet. So, he named his playful companion June.

One magical day, there was an eclipse; the sun appeared larger, closer and more beautiful than ever. The eclipse had a strange affect on June. She was splashing her fins and jumping out of the water. This amused Carl. He stepped into the water to be closer to his long-time friend. At this, June began to make audible sounds and Carl embraced her large, slick body. They slowly began to rock back and forth. This action soothed and calmed the frisky fish.

The sun was beginning to set as the azure sky exploded with pink, purple and yellow streaks. He continued to hold June and rub his face on her. This was the most affection Carl had shared in many years. He did not let June go. She remained calm and locked in his embrace. He submerged her head to make sure that she could breathe. But, he did not let her go. With her head under water, she rubbed her bulbous body against him. This was more than Carl could stand; he became erect. This did not embarrass him, because he was with June. While locked in embrace, he began to rub himself against her body. He mistakenly penetrated her, but could not stop himself.

He didn't know how long they were together. But, it was dark and he had spent himself in her. Although she was compliant, he was now embarrassed. He bent down, kissed her body and rubbed his hand over her back. Then he turned away and walked toward shore.

For days after that mixed review encounter, he refused to return to the shore. He'd busy himself with work. The next few months were spent chronicling his botanic finds to obscure the memory. When he finally decided to go back there, he did not see June. Carl thought that he would never see her again.

One day he ventured to the shore and there was June. She was huge and didn't acknowledge Carl's presence. She raised her head from the water and just swam away. Carl felt that maybe he should have continued to see June regularly, but he didn’t' like the way he felt after their encounter. Carl felt that he'd taken advantage of June. But, he also knew that he did not know how to stop himself. Carl loved the relationship that they had before the encounter. After all, June was his best buddy and his only friend. He left the shore saddened and fought the depression by submerging his mind in the work that was to one day make him famous.

One night, he was awakened by an overwhelming urge; as if the sea was calling. He walked to the shore. In the distance, he could see a large figure in the wet sand. He didn't think that it was June. But, it was. With her were two strange creatures; both hideous. One was scaled all over with two arms and two legs; the other had human features on the upper body with a fish tailed lower body.

There have been many tales told over the years about sightings of amphibious creatures. Men have fabled the bare breasted mermaid. And, legends describe a creature that comes from the lagoon. Carl eventually returned to the states. But, he never spoke of his rainforest encounter. He desired fame, but not this way.

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